Research Matters

Increase funding to solve Europe’s challenges

About the campaign

The Research Matters campaign is a collaboration between European universities, research organizations, funding agencies, industry partners, and communication professionals across Europe. We seek to reach decision-makers, stakeholders across various sectors, media, and citizens at local, national, and European levels. 

The Research Matters campaign is an initiative dedicated to mobilizing and uniting the European research and innovation community. We aim to raise awareness of the crucial role research plays in shaping our future and addressing global challenges, and advocate for increased investment in research and innovation. 
Our goals are: 
  • Increased funding for R&D and over 3% of GDP in EU and all European countries
  • Doubling the budget for the EU’s next research and innovation programme (FP10)
  • Protecting the latter by ring-fencing it

See the EU’s and European countries› gross domestic expenditure on research and development in 2022 

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The campaign is hosted by EUPRIO, with partner organisations from the European research and innovation community, and administered by:

Gian Casutt  Euprio President and Media Contact
Åshild Nylund – Coordinator, Communications
Maryline Maillard – Policy Adviser
Emilie Solheim – Communications
Alessia Rosati – Communications
Beate Kehrberger – Communications