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Inflammatory bowel disease

ENERGISED is an innovative research project led by Harry Sokol, professor of Gastroenterology at Sorbonne University and the Saint-Antoine Hospital in Paris. In 2022, he won the ERC Consolidator grant for this work.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, are increasingly common in society, and require innovative medical research to develop new therapeutic strategies. ENERGISED investigates such diseases, seeking to understand the role of the microbiota on the energy metabolism of intestinal cells as inflammatory disorders develop.

The goals of ENERGISED are multiple: identify the components of the microbiota that have an impact on the energy metabolism of human cells and related mechanisms; decipher the consequences of changes in the intestinal microbiota on the energy metabolism of human cells in IBD; and develop new therapeutic strategies based on the microbiota to manipulate the cellular energy state in IBD.

The ENERGISED project is conducted by Sorbonne University, APHP, INSERM and INRAE, and financed by the European Research Council and MSDAVENIR.

With this funding, in just a few years, ENERGISED could propose new treatments for patients suffering from chronic intestinal inflammatory diseases.

Researcher/Institution: Harry Sokol, Sorbonne University