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The campaign in media

Research Professional News, 5 June:
Research Matters campaign renews push for more R&I funding

News Tank Academic:
European elections: «Discussions around collaboration must develop positively» (M.Björnmalm, Cesaer)

Research Professional News, 23 May:
Campaign for more R&I investment ‘could lead to step change in allocated resources’ (€)

Science Business, 15 May:
EU research lobbies team up to ask for R&D budget boost

Nature, 14 May:
mentioned the campaign launch in the article:
A DARPA-like agency could boost EU innovation — but cannot come at the expense of existing schemes

Research Professional News, 13 May
Campaign aims to double budget of EU R&I programme


Statements and news on the topic

Many organisations, politicians and leaders have written statements in support for increased funding for research and innovation.
Here is a collection of statements, op-eds and news articles:

Position paper on FP10 by The Guild
Among the principles in The Guild’s position paper is:
«Ensure an ambitious and stable budget. The Guild reiterates its calls for a budget of at least 200 billion euro and ringfencing it to avoid that short-term policy goals result in sudden shifts in budget allocations.»
The Guild, 15 May 2024

European scientists call for 3% of GDP to be devoted to research
With the European elections approaching, scientists from across the European Union are unitiing for the first time to call for increase science funding from their canditdates. «It is essential to preserve the collaborative, open and international nature of scientific work, said the 27 EU science academies in a statement presented last week in Brussels, Belgium. Euronews, 13 May 2024.

EU should spend more on Horizon Europe, Macron says
In a searing speech at the Sorbonne University, the French president said the EU needs to invest a lot more money in research and innovation.
Science Business, 25 April 2024

Statement by the ERC Scientific Council on the next EU framework programme for research and innovation (FP10)
«…double the spending spending for research and innovation in the next Multiannual Financial Framework.»  European Research Council, 25 January 2024

National leaders set up €2.1bn cut to Horizon Europe’, a quote from LERU Secretary-General Kurt Deketelaere: “The raid on Horizon Europe’s funding continues: 2.1 billion euro down the drain. Incredible. At a moment that the H2020 evaluation showed the absolute lack of funding for R&I. And at a moment when the EU strategic autonomy agenda needs more R&I funding.” Research Professional, February 2024

‘Unusual’ Belgian EU presidency charms research world with its popular priorities’, a quote from LERU Secretary-General Kurt Deketelaere: Belgium’s industry is strongly represented in all these areas [health, digitisation, food and green technology], according to Deketelaere, who pointed to the country’s strengths in agriculture and pharmaceuticals, as well as its companies that have a “key role” in microchips. Increased money is needed to bring about increased EU independence, though, he stressed, adding: “We haven’t seen anything of those investments yet.” Research Professional, January 2024

EU-LIFE calls for an ambitious and realistic vision for FP10
The EU-LIFE alliance of leading life science research institutes in Europe calls for an ambitious and yet realistic vision for FP10:

In order to respond to the challenges posed by the current geopolitical and social context, the next Research & Innovation programme needs to be bold, resilient and able to provide Europe with an economic competitive edge worldwide. Among their 10 guiding principles for FP10 are:

  1. Be ambitious: Aim for more impact through FP10.
  2. Be realistic: Provide FP10 with a budget to meet the goals.
  3. Rebalance public and private funding in FP10 and promote a solid EIC model.
  4. Raise the investment in the European Research Council (ERC).

EU-LIFE, January, 2024

Position paper on FP10  by CESAER:

…»We call on the EU institutions to ensure stable conditions for FP10 and research & innovation
in Europe by: 

➢ allocating at least €200 billion to FP10; 

➢ swiftly enacting the 3% GDP target to research & innovation agreed by the
European Council in Barcelona on 15 and 16 March 2002 (“to be achieved by 2010”,
but still far from achieved), reiterated by the European Commission in 2020 and by
the European Council in Brussels on 23 March 2023; 

➢ endorsing and enacting the 1.25% GDP public effort target to be achieved by
member states by 2030 in an EU coordinated manner, as proposed by the European
Commission in 2020 in its communication ‘A new ERA for Research and Innovation’; 

➢ creating an annual review mechanism of current performance vis-a-vis the 3%
and the 1.25% targets at the Economic and Financial Affairs configuration of the
Council of the EU (ECOFIN) and the European Council, including annual reporting for
all member states in terms of:
○ being on-track to achieve or exceed the targets by 2030; or
○ needing to improve their trajectory to achieve the targets by 2030. 

➢ ring-fence the part of the EU budget allocated to research & innovation to make it
more difficult to reallocate and to ensure more stability;

➢ ensure any new priorities can only be added to the European framework
programme for research and innovation programme if accompanied by the
corresponding new budget»

CESAER, December, 2023