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Trinity team discovers underlying cause of “brain fog” linked with Long Covid

In February 2024 a team of scientists from Trinity announced a discovery with profound importance for our understanding of brain fog and the cognitive decline seen in some patients with Long COVID.

The team discovered there was disruption to the integrity of the blood vessels in the brains of patients suffering from Long COVID and brain fog, and also uncovered a novel form of MRI scan that shows how Long COVID can affect the human brain’s delicate network of blood vessels. 

The discovery presents a new target for therapies to aid those living with Long Covid and promises to change the landscape of how neurological dysfunction is treated in people living with other post-viral symptoms.

This work provides an excellent example of the power of research to speedily answer the most pressing public health questions. The COVID-19 pandemic was unrivalled in its impact on society, yet this work, funded by a rapid response grant from Science Foundation Ireland at the height of the pandemic in 2020, quickly bore fruit despite the difficulties presented in recruiting patients suffering from Long COVID as well as gathering data from those hospitalised in the midst of a national crisis.

Story & photo by Trinity College Dublin